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January 30 thesis writing in Psychology

Bachelor Work Psychology : The Bachelor thesis in psychology is the last great adventure on the way to higher education. The independent writing a first own scientific work custom writing essays is to demonstrate the suitability for professional life. ‘/ p Entsche Master’s program and the related Master’s thesis, the adventure continues. From the university put a little of the hand, the students are introduced to the psychological science and its research. How exactly runs and what has to be considered, is shown below.

Bachelor thesis in psychology: The study program Psychology

Bachelor thesis in Psychology: A versatile degree program . Those who opt for the program in psychology, then has another overwhelming amount of other choices. Hardly a subject is broader than psychology. This becomes clear to the diverse careers that can be pursued with a degree in psychology. This ranging from psychological psychotherapist about a job in the personnel department of a company up to the right psychological experts. The groups with which a psychologist can have to do, ranging from toddlers to offenders (Sternberg / Amelang, 2008).

Accordingly, versatile and the course itself is set up. following areas (. Vollman et al, 2015) are typically taught:

  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • and motivation
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • and Organizational Psychology
  • style=”list-style: none”> Theory

spoiled for choice: Faculty and theme select

Before going to the choice of a theme for the thesis or dissertation in psychology, the students choose a subject area in which they want to write. This choice is made in the Bachelor degree program often by giving first, second or third preferences (for example, see instructions of the University of Giessen ).

The selection of various psychological disciplines should allow everyone can find an area that appeals to him. Normally, most subjects in the study plan are already recognized for the first or second year of the Bachelor program (see for example, Curriculum “Bachelor Psychology” of the University of Giessen). The students have therefore been able to get a taste of all time. Thus preferences for one or the other faculty train.

Master students have even more knowledge on which they can fall back on that decision. They finally can deal with their’s preferred subjects more intensively. In addition, they already have a bachelor thesis behind. Is the department selected, the question of the theme of the thesis. Master students often apply not only to the department but even on an offered by the Faculty topic or area of research, a subject can be chosen from the then.

Bachelor students get mostly proposed some topics that already researching a project group of the university or research will be conducted soon after the election of its faculty. Anyone itself automatically want to design a topic for his thesis, is best done in the master so well. new raise its own theme completely, for example as empirical work , a high workload. Alone to create empirically usable data ( polls , Interview , etc.) and to create a record, you need good knowledge of statistics. Who has trouble can either Statistics tutoring support or selects just maybe a given topic.

The Bachelor thesis in psychology

With the bachelor thesis students begin for the first time, an independent try out scientific work . They receive support from their supervisor and / or the team’s research team creating their thesis. It is by no means be assumed that a student is left alone entirely with his project.

For the writing of the thesis in psychology are provided from the time of registration, starting three months (Spaeth-Hilbert / Imhof, 2013), plus a couple of weeks for the editing the master thesis or proofreading the thesis . In the study plan the writing of the bachelor thesis is usually scheduled for the sixth semester. This semester other events at the same time usually still held.


A Master’s thesis has a processing time of seven months. She is often recognized for the fourth semester of the Master’s program. No other events are more then planned (see, for example, Curriculum “Master Psychology” of the University of Giessen) this semester. This allows and calls for a deeper penetration into the subject. Note that the Master’s thesis is often used as part of an application for the further working life as well. A professional Correction of the application is here advisable.

How do you research in the thesis in psychology?

In psychology, the research turns broadly summarized by the experience and behavior of people. Accordingly, this is also the subject of most Bachelor’s and Master’s work. And this is especially with experimental design and hypotheses investigated.

The experiment is considered in psychology as a “silver bullet” (Renner / Heydasch / Ströhlein, 2012). Therefore, much of the research is done with it. So it is with many bachelor thesis or master thesis in psychology also to experimental work. Possible but are also literature review articles, qualitative analysis, methods, comparisons, evaluations or even new developments of measuring instruments. As a basis for the work often questionnaires, tests, behavioral observation, physiological measures and much, much more are used.

The task of the students, it may be, for example, already known to replicate findings or to check existing instruments for quality. but is just as possible the research in a previously little or not the topic being studied or designing a new measurement method. Content and Building a thesis in psychology and master’s thesis are thus just as versatile as the subject itself. In the best case, the thesis is involved in a project that examines a daily relevant issue. Then, the topic has practical relevance and the results can be used later.

What at first like a huge mountain work looks may turn out as a task in which they can grow. Who does not perceive the master’s thesis or dissertation in psychology as a chore task, but sees a hurdle in her whose mastery promotes personal development, can benefit from this work.

You should select a topic from a research area at best, that arouses one’s interest. Because scientific research is much more than a “chore task”. Rather, it is the cornerstone of psychology and each Abchlussarbeit doing its part to extend this foundation.

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